NO After School Sessions!

Apologies if my previous update has confused players / parents but there are NO after school sessions at present. We are hoping we can start these again come term 2 but this is very optimistic with recent events across the UK.

We will continue to update you via the blog and as usual if you have any questions or queries feel free to email your son / daughter coach

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Morning timetable updated

Please be aware that the morning sessions are continuing to change with each week depednant on training numbers and government advice.

As of today below is the updated timetable

Coached Sessions    
Before SchoolYr8/9Yr10/11 Yr7 
P1  Yr7   
P2Yr9 Yr7  
P3    Yr8
P6  Yr8 Yr11
After SchoolYr8+9Yr8/9Yr7+8Yr 7 Yr10/11
Independent Sessions  
Before SchoolYr 10Yr 8Yr9Yr 10Cheerleading
Small Gym     
Before School Yr11  Girls / Mr OwenYr8
Sports Hall     
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Change to Independent Morning Sessions

Until further notice, Tuesday 7am Sports Hall session will now be Yr8 and 11.

Year 8 should enter from the closest fire exit whilst the Yr11s will use the furthese fire exit from the PE office.

Staff will be on hand to give out balls so please to not enter the cupboard to retrieve anything. Maintain your distance at all times and stay at separate ends of the hall!

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Boys and girls trials

As you know at the start of each year we retrial all program players in year 8 and 9. Please see below the dates and times for each of the trials. Spread the message among your team to make sure all are aware.

Year 8 & 9 girls: Thursday 17th September 7am start

Year 8 & 9 Boys: Monday 21st September 7am start

Please remember when you arrive year 8 wait on the table by the library and year 9 wait by the Bristol Met sign. When in the sports hall there will be no crossing of year groups. Please make sure you stay on your given side of the gym.

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Basketball is back!!!

I am incredibly happy to announce that the Basketball Program will continue as of Monday September 14!!! There will be a number of restrictions in place which will be explained in the meetings below next week.

Monday Year 8 – Mr Hooper / Ms Wallace

Tuesday Year 9 – Mr Heesom / Ms Wallace

Wednesday Year 10 – Mr Williams / Ms Wallace

Thursday Year 11 – Mr Hooper

These meetings will start at 8am each morning, in the small gym (with entry via the side entrance and not the street) with boys and girls meeting together to maintain the social distancing bubbles created by the academy.

There will be no basketball at all next week in order for staff to prepare for the restart on Monday 14th.

If parents or guardians have any queries feel free to email me at

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Welcome back


I would like to welcome all students and parents back for the start of the 2020/21 school year.  Whilst I am looking forward to seeing everyone after such a long time, I need to make everyone aware that there will be no basketball sessions for at least this week.  This means nothing before school, during breaks and lunch or after school for program and non program players alike.  Coaches and school staff are working hard to navigate these uncertain times and find a happy medium between school / player safety whilst being able to provide you with the opportunities to grow and become successful as young people.

I will update everyone by the end of this week on how we will move forward during Term 1.  If you have any further questions following this update then feel free to email me.


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Redko calls it a day after 39 years

For those of you who were unaware, our treasured member of the program, Mr Redko will be retiring this week following 39 years of service.  As you would have heard during the awards evening Mr Redko started the original basketball delivery at the site over 30 years ago following a teachers strike.  With only a handful of players he grew basketball within the school until he had produced the likes of Greg Streete and been to the national finals.  Without this work, none of us would be coaching or playing at the level we are today and we certainly wouldn’t be able to have accomplished the likes of below.


Luckily for us he will be returning to referee games next year and will be around the department from time to time.  If you do see him and wish to thank him for what he has accomplished I am sure he would appreciate it.



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Finishing the year with a bang!

The season ended in fine style on Friday night with Boomsatsuma hosting an epic virtual awards night that was a first in Bristol Met History.  Once again thank you to all staff who helped put the presentation together, as well as everyone who tuned in, 2017 views so far.

I would also like to personally thank Steve West for his heartfelt message in thanking  staff who have worked with his son Louie over the best 5 years.  This was an incredibly kind gesture and one which was appreciated by everyone within the program.  Thank you also to the other parents who sent messages in following the awards night on Friday.


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End of Season Awards Night!!!!

Just because there is a global pandemic, doesn’t mean that Bristol Met won’t be hosting it’s annual Awards Night!!!!

This coming Friday (10th July) at 6pm we will premiere an awards night video which will contain all the usual awards, highlight videos and more ……

We have been lucky enough to once again work with our new sponsor Boomsatsuma who have edited the mountains of footage sent to them.  The evening will be premiered on their youtube channel as per the link below.

Hope to see you all Friday night in the usual formal wear!!


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Must listen for aspiring ballers!


If you are one of our players who are aspiring to take your skills to the next level and have basketball become a career then I have come across a great blog and a few podcasts with some thought provoking information.

The above blog is put together by some ex and current players from the UK who have experience of playing in Europe, the states and the UK.  If you are serious about pursuing your dreams then these podcasts are a great way of compiling information and opinions to inform your decisions moving forward, regardless of what age you currently are.

The link above will take you to the 10 episode’s released so far but my suggestions would be to listen to 6, 9 and 10.  Have a listen and let me know your thoughts ….

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